We are the Littleton Garage Door Repair specialists. Tempe Garage Door Repairs has over 20 years experience in repairing Garage Doors in the entire Littleton area. So if your garage door is off track, cable that is unwound, or a broken spring, we will make the necessary repairs Fast with same-day service. Call (720) 370-1212 to schedule your service today.

There are 2 main solutions for fixing your residential garage door: One solution is to modify the closing limit switch, or the force motor, as instructed in the instruction manual that came in along with your garage door. It's always good to remember that if you have misplaced the manual you can always call customer service, and ask them for guidance.

The other common issue faced is either with the opening switch, or the remote control. If we are dealing with an electrically-powered garage door, we can check for any loose connections or wiring problems, and examine the main switch in the garage to see if there is any problem with the circuit breakers. Inspecting the circuit breakers is an important step because it helps us to determine whether the problem is simply a blown fuse, or something else.

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